The soft skills sessions that are listed below can be provided individually or as a package.  Email or call BMC today to train your frontline staff!

Outstanding Customer Service in Community Action Agencies: Not Business as Usual, A Way of Life

This session examines Berneitha McNair’s customer service definition and highlights a practical approach to providing outstanding customer service before, during, and after receiving assistance from a community action agency. Participants will receive information on how outstanding customer service yields high customer satisfaction; thus having a positive impact on agency perception, community impact, and outcomes.

Strategic Time Management in Community Action:  A Guide to Consistently Completing Duties and Responsibilities

This session provides community action professionals with helpful tips to managing their time wisely in order to complete all work-related duties and responsibilities.  Participants will learn 10 tips to effective time management and how to implement those steps into daily routines to enhance performance and effectiveness.

Effective Communication is Key: A Guide That Achieves Positive Outcomes in Community Action Agencies

The training examines how effective communication enhances a community action agency’s ability to be high-performing and achieve outcomes.  Participants will learn how to become effective communicators, how to be a better sender and receiver of messages, how to promote strategic communication in the workplace, and how ineffective communication can wreak havoc on an agency’s and individual’s viability and productivity. 

Let’s Be Honest:  Are You a Teddy Bear, Fox, Turtle, Shark, or Lion When You Resolve Conflict and Solve Problems

The training examines the 5 Conflict Management Styles of Avoiding, Withdrawing, Forcing, Compromising, and Collaborating. Participants will determine their individual conflict management style to see if they resolve conflicts like a teddy bear, turtle, fox, shark, or lion.  Participants will also learn how to effectively manage conflict and solve problems, how to solve problems with individuals with a different conflict management style, and how to resolve conflict like a lion.

The D.O.P.E. Community Action Hero

The session highlights why being D.O.P.E. (Determined, Optimistic, Passionate, and Energetic) is desirable for Community Action professionals. Participants will learn how to become a D.O.P.E. Community Action Hero to better serve individuals, families, and communities. This session also provides instruction on purpose and self-care to help staff be positive, prevent burnout, and remain hopeful in the midst of a pandemic. The training is based on D.O.P.E. Leadership:  Success is in Style, book written by Berneitha K. McNair.