Strategic Marketing and Branding in Nonprofit Agencies

This session will discuss how to develop a strategic marketing and branding plan, highlighting the contents that should be included and a step-by-step process to develop the plan.  Participants will also learn specific branding strategies that will help community action agencies attract new customers, improve community awareness/visibility, and obtain support from external stakeholders. 
The training also examines important differences between nonprofit marketing and branding, as well as teach agencies how to better tell their stories to elevate, electrify, and enhance their programs.

Outstanding Customer Service:  Not Business as Usual, A Way of Life

This session examines Berneitha McNair’s customer service definition and highlights a practical approach to
providing outstanding customer service before, during, and after receiving assistance from a community action agency. Participants will receive information on how outstanding customer service yields high customer satisfaction;
thus having a positive impact on agency perception, community impact, and outcomes.

High Performing Team:  Nonprofit Agencies in the Midst of a Crisis

This session highlights how community action agencies can operate as high-performing teams in the midst of a crisis.  Participants will learn the importance of operating like a well-oiled machine during a crisis to help families achieve stability and economic security.

Introduction to Community Action:  A Nontraditional and Forward-Thinking Perspective

This session goes back to the beginning of community action by discussing the War on Poverty and the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Participants will learn the top problems facing community action today and how to take the uniqueness of community action to spark positive change for low-income families and at-risk communities.  The training will also discuss Berneitha’s analogy of community action being “blue fish” and the best thing since sliced bread. This session will be beneficial for both new and experienced community action professionals.

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